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These prices are guidelines only.
Special pricing can be discussed for your unique situation.
Discounted rates for 7 days and longer

Just a walk - The Triple W



Two dog visits 2 x 1 hour

 (price is per day)


Dog training 10 x 1 hour Sessions


Once daily cat visit - 1/2 hour

(price is per day)


Dog training x 1 hour


Smaller animals  - Quick visit-feed, facility clean  (price is per day)


Twice daily cat visits

2 x 1/2 hours (price is per day)


Dog training 5 x 1 hour Sessions


Lawns/Gardens care

(price is per hour)


FREE Services included with pet care

  • Check Mailbox/put bins out & bring in     

  • Daily email to you of photos of your pets     

  • Emergency transport to vet if required   

  • Check Security of your house and property 

  • Call you if something is not right             

Additional Information/Services

  • Reduced rates for additional pets

  • Reduced rates for 7 days and longer

  • Other house care matters - can be considered and discussed.

  • General pet transport, quote on request.

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