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Got Questions?

  • I am happy with the service I already use. Why should I use Assisi Animal Association?
    If you and your pets are happy with your current service, I could be your backup plan or perhaps help another pet owner you know. Please remember though, I also offer horticultural services for your property. This means lawn-verge-garden maintenance.
  • You are just one person. What happens if you become sick or you cannot visit my place?
    We will not agree to commence service until you are happy with planned contingencies. For example, transport to your vet or alternative pet minding facility. You will be refunded the fees relating to after that moment and then pay the new service provider.
  • How does payment work?
    You can submit a booking request via the Bookings Request Form button on the Bookings page of this website. Payment will be due within 7 days after your service commencement. There is this email address /queries link and also on the Bookings and Contact pages of this website. Mobile contact will be provided after your booking is made. Please note, a $50 cancellation fee applies if you notify of your cancellation less than 48 hours before the commencement of service.
  • Other services cost less than you, why should I pay your advertised rates?
    Your animals are more important to me than most other things in our world. I will do everything I possibly can to keep them safe, happy and well. I have always been a pet owner and I get it. They are family and they are very special to you. Well, guess what, they are very special to me too! I am not like a house sitter who looks after the pets because I have to. I am there because I love your pets too. Also as a mature aged person and a property owner too, I understand and appreciate the idea of respect for other people's property.
  • If my pets are at a cattery or a kennel, they are watched 24/7. Why should I use you for only daily visits to my house?
    Are they watched 24/7, really? Also if you are like me, you don't want someone else living in your private home. Pets are comforted by their routine. Part of this is living at home and it is the least stressful experience for them. They believe it is the best place to be because you will return there to see them again. It is less stressful for you as a pet owner because you don't have to do anything. You just go on your holiday or work trip and I will take over where you left off. When you return I have saved you time and inconvenience. Your pets will be there for you with all their love at your doorstep when you return. This service has to suit both you and your pets. When I am with them, they will have all my attention for that time 2 hours min. for dogs, half hour min. for cats, every day. Can you say the same if your pet is one of many in a large kennel or cattery? I can combine services for you for additional fees. i.e. Horticulturaly experienced lawn/garden care. (Retrieval of mail from your letter box and putting out and bringing bins in are included in the basic fee.)
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