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About me

Throughout my life, I have personally owned two dogs - a blue heeler and a labrador - Thanks to them, I am a very natural dog trainer. I have also had six cats. All my pets have improved my life very immensely. This is why I know how important your pets are to you. They're important to me too!

As a small and skinny 12-year-old, I was involved in obedience training for domestic dogs. On my first day visiting the school with my own dog, two adults were aggressively arguing and their Rottweiler and Alsatian were copying their owners' behavior and were trying to kill each other.


I separated their dogs and explained to them if they stopped, their dogs would stop. That is what happened. The owner of the school saw this and offered me my first-ever job.

My adult career has been varied, but my passion for animal welfare and nature has been one of the constants in my life.

My career has involved computer systems, horticulture, commercial flying, and truck driving. Even in those very different jobs, nature and animals were always calling to me so I have had many wonderful animal and nature encounters. Wildlife I have rescued includes a Wedge Tailed Eagle, a Nankeen Kestrel, two Horses, a Pelican, and countless Blue Tounge Lizards. 

Now I am able to spend my working hours on a cause that has deep and personal meaning for me. When you're too busy or away, I want to take care of your very special family pets.

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