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From little things big things grow...

This is me. Here's proof I've always been an animal lover. If you can't see love in this photo, maybe go visit your optometrist ;-)...I was 12 years old when I first had this special friend, Prince. He was so typically a Labrador in every way. When I helped people train their dogs at the local dog obedience school, Prince helped too. If the dogs didn't behave for me, they would behave for him.

Prince just lived to learn new things all the time. He would even accept subtle hand signals from me from the far end of a football field. There is also a picture of him here in his later senior years. He lived until he was 15 in human years. That was about 78 years for him in Labrador years. He was loyal and loving every second of his life. Dogs can teach young people so much about many things in life. They can help mould decent adults out of kids, and also out of adults too.

After a long and varied career life, who could have imagined I would return to my core values and complete a full circle to continue caring for animals again? I think Prince knew...

Aren't they priceless? I can tell you he was.


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